Integrative Project Management and People-Oriented Leadership During COVID-19

At Concuir, we emphasize our core focus in integrative project management and people-oriented leadership through unwavering reliability, thoughtful delegation, and clear communication. For one of our clients, these attributes shined the most during a particularly challenging portfolio requiring critical deliverables within a tight deadline to avoid a production line shutdown. Due to COVID demands, a vendor for our client was no longer able to fulfill a critical sanitation procedure for a provided material. As a result, our client was required to take on this procedure in-house to avoid any delays in production and the retirement of a production line. Due to tight deadlines and the multitude of qualification and validation tasks to complete, the client reached out to Concuir for help.

Our consultants collaborated with the client’s onsite team to develop a project plan that effectively defined the goals, scope, schedule, risk management strategy, and resource allocation of the portfolio. Using Concuir’s in-house developed project management tools, we successfully collaborated with our client’s team to meet each deadline and milestone for every project, consistently placing focus on integrative teamwork, effective communication, and clear strategic tasks. We prioritized asking the right questions and providing as much needed knowledge-based and technical support to build strong rapport, trust, and maintain solid momentum throughout the portfolio’s various projects. The conclusion of the project allowed us to not only build a foundation with our client for the future, but to also solidify the value in the tools we provide.

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