Technical Project Execution

Column Chromatography Process Improvements

Fast-track quality manufacturing and minimize spending through optimization of downstream process

Our consultants provide expert advice on downstream processing to maximize production potential and minimize expenditure.

We Put Our Cards on the Table - and Share Them

Embracing novel changes in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes can push companies well ahead of their competitors, but changes can sometimes be difficult to implement. Downstream processing is a standard industry system that has some of the highest potential for lowering expenditure and expediting manufacturing processes yet is notorious for causing difficulty in implementing changes. In addition, expertise in this field is hard to come by. Our consultants are some of the few true experts in the large-scale column chromatography field.

Process Scale-Up

Downstream Process Improvements via...

Client personnel training in downstream processing essentials (e.g., column packing, column maintenance, optimized equipment utilization, etc.)

Streamlining downstream process by addressing weak points

Implementing correct/preventative maintenance procedures to reduce production rework/scrap

Introducing new equipment to reduce process deficiencies

Project Examples

Monoclonal Antibody Purification Process Optimization

Concuir’s consultants significantly improved the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of one client’s large scale monoclonal antibody purification process.

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