Project Example

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Optimization

The Problem

A pharmaceutical manufacturer tasked Concuir with replacing their current TFF system with one that would provide a cost-savings advantage and still maintain product quality. Our consultants were assigned to the project and performed a DOE of the current process in place to determine which variables must be controlled to produce results within the expected parameters. Once these variables were determined, internal expertise was leveraged to select a filter. One type was found to fit the bill by producing an approximately 30% cost savings. Using a phase gate approach, our team tackled the problem successfully all while ensuring proper evaluation and measures were taken every step of the way.

DOE/Process Implementation

Our consultants worked in collaboration with the client’s team to produce the desired results. Prior to starting the DOE process, a few key aspects of the project required consideration: the current TFF process in place and the equipment associated with it.

Large-scale automation was a huge aspect of the process in place, so our consultants brought their automation knowledge into the picture to effectively communicate, direct, and collaborate with the client’s team. In addition, our client informed us of the inefficiencies present with the current filter system, so we provided a solution in the form of a different filter type.

The results of the DOE process spoke for itself and caught the attention of our client’s leadership team, allowing trust in Concuir and prioritization of the project to organically grow. The success of our team’s DOE project allowed us to strengthen our relationship with the client and provided us further opportunities to upscale and continuously improve their process.


Our team of talented consultants at Concuir are more than equipped to support our clients’ filtration optimization needs. We provide quality support through leveraged expertise; practical cost-saving solutions without quality compromise; and effective results-driven collaboration with the in-house team through transparency and communication.

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