Program & Project Management

Aseptic Fill-Finish Installation

Efficiently managing Aseptic Fill to Finish projects to develop and optimize high quality production lines focusing on increasing production output

Aseptic fill-finish processes can be extremely complex as they present the challenge of completely eliminating contamination to guarantee sterility of products and, ultimately, patient safety. These processes are unique and they require thorough planning, well-trained personnel, and specialized facilities and equipment to properly execute.

Fill-Finish Manufacturing Line Procurement & Installation

At Concuir, our team of consultants have offered project management and technical expertise technical expertise on aseptic fill to finish processes. We build relationships between our clients and external resources consisting of construction contractors, equipment manufacturers, supplier vendors, and more. Aseptic fill-finish processes are extremely critical to guarantee sterility of finished products and the reduction of contamination to provide safe products to the market. This process is uniquely challenging because it requires thorough planning, well-trained personnel, and specialized facilities/equipment to properly execute.

Successful Fill-Finish Line Installation via...

Project management and leadership skills

Aseptic processes technical expertise

Risk and resource management

Cost projection analysis

Schedule creation

Emphasis on teamwork

Vendor communications (Domestic & International)

Multi-talented consultancy team

Milestone, project, and deliverables execution

Project Examples

FDA 483 Form Remediation

Our client was issued an FDA 483 Form and tasked our team with the challenge to rectify and reform their current company practices.

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