Technical Project Execution

Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)

Saving time, money and energy through virtual approach

Virtual factory acceptance tests (FATs) provide significant cost savings and accelerate project timelines without the need to have all team members in the same place. Additionally, Virtual FATs remain unaffected by any travel restrictions, and can proceed as planned considering any restrictions on travel put in place due to major global events.

Virtual Reality Hardware

Concuir Consulting utilizes Apprentice hardware and partners with their supporting staff to execute Virtual FATs. Apprentice’s headsets allow for digital content display without any disruption resulting from being able to see one’s external environment. The headsets can relay information to as many people as needed, including Concuir’s consultants, client’s employees, vendors, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders who wish to be in attendance without being on site.

Cost Savings via...

Less or no required travel

Faster project execution

Avoiding disruptions due to travel restrictions

Quality results due to having all SMEs in attendance

Equipment manufacturers' ability to attend, assist, and troubleshoot virtually

Streamlined communication across time zones

Risk-mitigating well in advance due to early testing

Project Examples

Overseas FAT

A medical device manufacturer brought Concuir the task of organizing an FAT at an overseas equipment manufacturer over 5,000 miles away.

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100-Person FAT During COVID-19

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company came to Concuir with a predicament – they needed to coordinate and execute a factory acceptance test (FAT) for manufacturing equipment during a time when COVID-19 travel restrictions were ubiquitous.

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