Project Example

100-Person FAT During COVID-19

The Problem

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company came to Concuir with a predicament – they needed to coordinate and execute a factory acceptance test (FAT) for manufacturing equipment during a time when COVID-19 travel restrictions were ubiquitous. This was an opportunity for Concuir to identify potential cost savings for the client and set them up for future success by ensuring their project timelines were not at the mercy of travel restrictions.

Communication & Hardware

An augmented reality tool called Tandem by Apprentice was leveraged so that Concuir and its clients could direct and witness all testing safely and effectively without physical attendance.

The first virtual FAT with this client was successfully executed on a dissolution vessel for a stirring / mixing technology company. Care was taken to outline a detailed agenda of the testing to be conducted and coordinate a training session with the apprentice hardware before testing began.

It was vital to receive input from the technology company on the testing protocol, expected test durations, and operator availability so that testing could commence as planned.

Testing Day

On the day of testing, Concuir successfully led the client personnel through the execution of the protocol, despite not having any physical client attendees (due to COVID-19 travel restrictions). The technology company’s personnel also set up static cameras in addition to the Apprentice AR headset.

The agenda was updated live as testing times shifted throughout the day. This live agenda allowed client subject matter experts (SME’s) and Quality Assurance (QA) personnel to join during critical tests such as TCU heat up, agitator testing, and solution discharge, thereby allowing the client to witness testing and provide feedback from their desks, without attending the entire FAT.

Thanks to Apprentice’s hardware, good communication, and planning between all parties, a local Concuir Consulting engineer was able to execute the FAT with guidance from SMEs attending virtually.


In conclusion, if proper communication and training are provided, a virtual FAT is a great alternative to a fully in-person FAT. Virtual FATs allow more SMEs to witness testing with greater efficiency than physical FATs, as only a small number of participants are needed in person, thus there is little travel coordination required.

Client Benefits

  • Successfully Executed Virtual FAT Kept Project on Track
  • All Required SMEs And QA Personnel Virtually Attended
  • Cost Savings of Over $20,000

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