Project Example

Overseas FAT

The Problem

A medical device manufacturer brought Concuir the task of organizing an FAT at an overseas equipment manufacturer over 5,000 miles away. While some employees and subject matter experts would travel to be present for FAT in-person, much of the sizeable project team would not be traveling due to scheduling conflicts, limited travel budget, and operations personnel being required on-site for daily activities. Recognizing that valuable input could be lost, Concuir recommended using the Apprentice glasses to capture the FAT for team members that would be remaining stateside. Concuir was able to successfully broadcast the full FAT to all personnel unable to make the trip. This was an opportunity for Concuir to reduce interruptions for the client by allowing a majority of team members to remain on-site to perform their daily duties but also offer their input on FAT activities.

Communication & Hardware

An augmented reality tool called Tandem by Apprentice was leveraged so that Concuir and its clients could direct and witness all testing safely and effectively without physical attendance of all team members.

Thanks to Tandem, the entire project team was able to view and discuss the FAT taking place thousands of miles away, helping to ensure that the project did not lose out on any valuable opinions and expertise.


In conclusion, if proper communication and training are provided, a virtual FAT is a great alternative to a fully in-person FAT. Virtual FATs allow more team members and SMEs to witness testing, therefore ensuring the project does not lose out on valuable team member input due to inability to travel.

Client Benefits

  • Successfully Executed Virtual FAT & Kept Project on Track
  • All SMEs and Project Team Members Witnessed FAT
  • Daily Operations Not Interrupted by Traveling Personnel

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