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CAD Modeling – Design to Implementation

Concuir consultants applied their CAD modelling skills to design a transportation cart suitable for one client’s needs while also addressing safety concerns. The cart was devised to reduce the safety risk conditions for a team of operators to haul several large-scale productions filters on an elevated manufacturing platform.

Using CAD modelling software, our team thoughtfully and seamlessly designed five proof of concept models for the cart with efficient task completion and operator safety as major foci of the design. The CAD modelling software gave our consultants the freedom to specify and adjust dimensions for each cart model, perform stress analysis tests, and generate cost estimations as well as manufacturability checks. All these features enabled us to produce a physical iteration of the cart with the necessary dimensions to fit the room and process it would be a part of, as well as have the needed stability to carry several filters simultaneously, ensuring efficiency in task completion and operator safety.

Ultimately, the modelling software allowed us to provide detailed briefings to our client on the project, ensure clear communication with external manufacturer of our designs and facilitate a thoughtful design to seamless implementation process with greater efficiency and at a lower cost.

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